I have uploaded audio/text from my blog

This is from a Squidoo “lens” that I made last week. It is just my general appreciation of LingQ. I invite you to visit the page at: http://www.squidoo.com/LoveLingQ# and give me a 5 star rating!

For the imported audio and text, see http://www.lingq.com/learn/en/workdesk/240097/ or just check out the English library .

Good one Edward, very clear. I have bookmarked it to show my friends.

Ah! Ahahaha! Mark is Mark Kaufman…that would be Steve junior, would it? I see a strong family resemblance there.

And Mark junior uses LingQ too? I must tell my kids that, they think it’s just a bunch of grown-ups talking weird. If they saw it as kid-friendly I might get them involved. But they would want junior content, in languages their teachers have heard of, like French and German.

Actually I could maybe provide some kiddy-friendly beginner stuff in German. It would be better recorded by a real German though. My accent’s a bit British.

Hi Helen, it is a nice suggestion to have content for childs. I can help you record German stuff.
Is the stuff free of copyright or do you have the allowance to share?

I’m interested in children stuff in English. My daughter started learning English three weeks ago in school.

I think, it is a good idea to share content from our blogs. I have uploaded audio and text from my blog and you can it check out from the German library. It is an attemp and I wonder, wether it is of interest for German learners. Thankyou for giving feedback.

I’ll think about English material for children if you think about German material for children Vera! Maybe in time we could get a whole LingQ for Kids community going?

Thanks everyone. It’s a heckuva a time to start blogging… my wife is due any day now, I have started a new university program… between studying and helping with the baby I hope I can get some sentences down.

But I think the hidden advantage to Lingq is that you can do a lot of listening while you are gardening etc. So it is great for busy people.

Hopefully my child will take advantage of your materials sometime down the road.

Hi Annett, I have just read and listened to your blog in the German library. It is very interesting. Especially since I had not realized the German in Germany is very different from the German in Switzerland. Thank you for pointing it out.