I have so many lings

hey, I have so many lings I can not repeat them all. I make round 120-150/d in spanish. Should I just continue reading and dont care about repeating them?

You mean reviewing them. Yes, do go on. You have to make more lingqs than you can remember or you’ll never learn the language. You’ll encounter those words time and again and you’ll learn most of them eventually but it’ll take some time. An extended period in which the number of Lingqs far exceed what you can remember and even review, is unavoidable.
As I and others have explained elsewhere, the SRS (memorization) feature of Lingq is not the main way to learn vocabulary: coming across words repeatedly in different contexts while reading/listening is. Many of us don’t eve use the SRS feature much. Those that do use it still don’t wait to memorize everything before continuing. Some simply review a random subset from time to time.
One way to keep on reviewing words in a controlled way while moving on, if that’s what you want, is to tag those lingqs that you’re more interested in learning now as “learn-now”, “learn-2020” or similar and then filter those in the vocabulary page.

I’ll echo what ftornay has said. It sounds like you’re reviewing or using SRS for all of your unknown words. You’re discovering the limitation of SRS imo. There comes a point where you spend so much time reviewing words, that you never have a chance to learn new words. You don’t even need to use the SRS. Through reading and listening of new material you’ll repeat and review those words naturally, because those words will come up again and again in the things you read.

You also have to be comfortable with not remembering words as you progress. Some will come very easy. Others may be a struggle. You can’t get bogged down on those. You’ll see them again, in a different context and maybe that different context will allow you to finally understand that word and remember. You may even finally understand the word, only to come across it a month later and you can’t remember it. Just mark it back to unknown and you’ll pick it up again eventually.

You will forget words. So don’t worry about it when you do. Just keep exposing yourself to reading and listening and you will eventually start to remember them.

Frankly, I think SRS is a waste of time. I think it can be useful in the beginning stages to pick up the first 500-1000 words, but it soon becomes a huge chore…especially if you take any time off. It takes up so much time that you have no other time for listening and reading. Reading and listening will increase your vocabulary at a far greater rate than flashcards or SRS in my experience


Reading is intrinsically a vocabulary review session.

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I’m actually learning from others here to change the way I thought about srs.

I’ll echo both ftornay and ericb100 have said.

I focus now on yellow lingqs when I encounter them again and again, refining the translation if necessary and updating the level of the words if I consider to put them back to 2 or 3 instead of known.

I random do some srs at the end of the lesson. I still haven’t figure out how tags could work better for me.

Some others do some random srs with words at level 3 or 4 to refresh their memory and bring them to known. But I think it’s even unnecessary.

If I were you I would keep doing as much as you can on reading and listening and keep focusing on what you’re doing there.

I know that if you were thinking about srs before, like me, it might be difficult to transition to a new way of thinking but it would save you a lot of time and probably you’ll even get a better result. Imho.