I have problem downloading some of contents


I tried to take English LingQ podcast #208 and #209, but I can’t download the audio files. I can download other podcasts except them.
Could you tell me what I should do?

I don’t know exactly what you are trying to do but everything seems to be working fine. Could you more specifically define your problem.

I am sorry. I try to explain what my problem is.
I want to study EnglishLingQ#208 Steve is intervewed on CBC and #209 Jill’s visit on my workdesk. I took them but I can’t listent to them.
I can’t see an icon to play the audio file. When you import an item without a sound file, you can’t see the icon to listen. This happens to me.
Do I get my problem across?

I had similar problems sometime ago, then I downloaded the file from the EnglishLingQ site.

Thank you very much.
I went to the English LingQ site and downloaded the file.
Now I can stuey them. :slight_smile:


what does that mean? Is that a mistake or an act of shortening?