I have noticed that you can only read the latest 25 threads under the title "Active Threads"

I wonder how we can read older threads in each forum.
There are, for example, 2,122 threads now in Open Forum in English, but we can only read the newest 25 threads.

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How could this happen?

Hi Yutaka,
You are not able to see older threads, only 25 active threads from each forum are available. Usually threads which are not in top 25 weren’t active for more then a month.
If you want to find specific thread which is not in top 25, you can use search engine to find it.

I wonder how smart the “search engine” is. Can we specify the conditions under which searching is carried out? For example, does it accept logical expressions such as AND, OR, and NOT? Does it deal with spelling differences between British English and American English properly? Can we search for a specific subject only in the titles of threads?

I think that only 25 threads being shown on the “Active Threads” page is by no means useful.

In earlier versions of the forum we had pages. That was much more convenient. Longer threads are annoying too now, because you have to scroll, to scroll, to scroll …

“In earlier versions of the forum we had pages.”
Now you can only see the list of the latest 25 threads. You cannot see the other “pages.” Scrolling does not work. In order to read older posts, you have to choose appropriate keywords which the search system can properly deal with.

Yes, I don’t know why is this happening… :frowning:

To search the LingQ forums, it is best to put – site:www.lingq.com/forum/ – into google, and then, whatever query you want after that.

I’d love to see a forum “best of” listing somewhere. Lots of good stuff buried away beyond the last 25 posts.

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When you wrote “search engine,” did it mean Google or like that?

I wonder if the above sentence is grammatically correct as regards the use of the gerund.

Being no grammarian I hesitate to give you 100% reassurance, but it seems to be perfect.

Thank you, SanneT.

“punctuation site:www.lingq.com/forum/”
I put the above words in the search box of Google. It worked very well.
Thank you for your useful information.

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. . .

“The problem is that Google disregard where the expression is located on the page.”

In Open Forum on LingQ, the 25th thread accepted the last post about two weeks ago. That is, you cannot read the lists of threads that had been active before May 14.

Support Forum—May 21 was when the last post appeared in the 25th thread on the Active Threads page. That was just eight days ago. You cannot see the lists of threads that had been active before that.

I find it crazy not to show older threads and I cannot understand why these changes were made. There is no logical reason for this, and I don’t know any other forum that works the same way.

Since the forum posts changed from serial to tree view I read and post not as often as I was used too. Long lively discussions have nearly died since then.


If I don’t post a comment in this thread, they might forget that there is a problem not yet solved. This thread is situated next to the last one on the 25-active-threads list.

In “Support Forum,” the latest post of the 25th thread was made on June 1st. It was less than two weeks ago.

It is July 28 today. In “Support Forum,” the latest post of the 25th thread was made on July 11. You cannot see on the list the threads that were “active” before that.
Incidentally, this thread was not on the list. Do you think that this issue is unimportant?

I have two questions:

  1. Are there any technical reasons for this?
  2. Is there any “intrinsic” value in hindering us from reading the list of old threads?

It is July 30 today. In “Support Forum,” the latest post of the 25th thread was made on July 18. You cannot see on the list the threads that were “active” before that. I wonder if all of them have been dealt with properly by the people “whom it may concern”.

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