I have no LingQs, but am at Max

I tried searching the forum for help with this, but I ended up only finding rant posts.

After successfully messing with the settings and importing my first book, I open the first page. I am immediately told I am at Max LingQs. I have the automatically create LingQs disabled and when I go to view my LingQs, it reads nada.

Before putting money towards an app, I like to exhaust what it has to offer and make sure that it fits with my current study routines. Am I missing something that I can’t find in the settings to allow me to get this to work? Or is this actually a ploy to get subscribers? Like many of the rantposts claim.

Thank you.

Regarding our LingQ limit of 20, we do believe you have a good sense of the value of the site by the time you create 20 LingQs. However, we do realize that some don’t find that enough time. What I have done for you is to increase your limit to 100 LingQs to give you more room to explore the site. Hope this helps!

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This does help me use the app, though I am still unsure why it said I was at max before.

Thank you for your quick response, I am already making my first LingQs to study.