I have no idea how to use this

So, I just came here and created my account yesterday. What do I do now? I have no idea how to do the lessons or how they work. Please help (I’m learning Polish, by the way).

Is it really much harder than this?

1 Register
2 Pick a lesson
3 Listen+read+save LingQs (repeat listen+read ad nauseam)
4 Review LingQs as often as you want
5 To practise what you’ve learned, book a Skype session and/or submit writing

  1. Check out the Academy (upper right corner of screen) to understand whatever you don’t understand.

Welcome to LingQ.

In the menu bar at the top of the page, you will see your LingQ name, IAmNotThai. To the left of that you will see Forum underlined, and to its left Academy underlined. Left-click on Academy, and you will be taken to the LingQ Academy. On that page you will find several How To Videos that explain the basic operations of LinqQ.

Good luck with Polish.

Oops, djvlbass beat me to it.