I have lost all my courses

It’s a nightmare. System glitches all the time here and there, but it was more or less tolerable, but now they have flushed 50 days of painstaking work down the toilet. All the coures of my both languages are gone.

Sorry about that, we are working on it. Will be fixed any moment now.

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It’s being fixed. Mine have just come back. Try hitting refresh a couple of times. Mine are currently coming and going.

I’m well impressed how quickly you are fixing this. As I would say. You’re all over it like a spilt trifle. Thank you. ):0)

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me too

If you are a developer could I make a suggestion?
There are 5 stages of words learning(1-4 and learned). Levels 1-2 words are yellow, 3 - yellow + underlined, 4 - only underlined, learned - a word looks like any other known word. It would be great at least to have an option to mark a learned word visually somehow. That’s why I leave all the learned words on level four (underlined), but it is psycologically uncomfortable.

And, by the way, there is a glitch whith two overlapping phrases. Both phrases have the same outline, that’s fine, but if I click on it I always see “Loading”. I ought to click on any phrases’ word and then on the outline, only then I see a title “Overlapping phrases” and two phrases themselves.

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