I have just joined LingQ and . .

I opened a page titled"My Requests," and read the oldest file “Language Exchange - Response.” The first sentence is as follows:
" I have just joined LingQ and started writing about something in English."
It was “published” by me on September 07, 2008, and “corrected” on September 08,2008 by juliroze. I would like to thank LingQ for keeping my writings for such a long time.

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So, you are among the ‘oldest’ LingQ members - even if not the eldest in years. Well done for keeping at it for so long!


Old members never die, they just fade away.
The above phrase just occurred to me. But, I have no intention of fading away. Sorry, young people!

I know the fade-out / fade-into the habit of language learning well. My use of LingQ may have changed, but still I come back, like a bad penny.

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Yutaka, I like your sarcastic comments.

OLD ACADEMICS never die, they just lose their faculties
OLD ACCOUNTANTS never die, they just lose their balance
OLD ACCOUNTS never die, they are deleted
OLD ACTORS never die, they just drop a part
OLD ALARM CLOCKS never die, they just stop ringing


Old habits never die, they lie in wait to trip you up! (Source: me) Here I am back procrastinating. Stop it!

I wonder if I should have used three periods or four periods in the title of this thread. I am going to read the following thread, where you can find astamoore’s explanation.

Definitely 3!

The new method is …

That is there is now a space directly after the word and then only 3 …

I hope you’ve got it :wink: ^^

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