I have been absorbed in drawing graphs for a while

Can you guess what happened in 1966?


Sorry, I am still trying to work out, how this LingQ works.

Google says that “…It’s a well-known phenomenon for Japanese people, but might not be clear to others. Many Japanese families chose not to have children in 1966 due to their superstition of “Hinoe-Uma (Fire-Horse)”. Fire-Horse is the 43rd combination of the sexagenary cycle, which happens every 60 years. The superstition is that women born in this year of the “Fire-Horse” have a bad personality and will kill their future husband. I presume the parents then were worried about their daughter’s huge disadvantage in the future marriage market, so they chose to avoid the risk of having a girl. Sex detection during pregnancy was not available then, so many families avoided having children altogether in 1966. This kind of superstition seems to have been more prevalent in rural areas than in urban areas, because the fertility drop in urban areas was less than in rural areas. …”


I used ggplot2 to draw the graph. The explanation you quoted is very detailed. Is it from Wikipedia?
Thank you for responding to my post.

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A maze of streets?