I have an idea for language aquizition and input on LingQ

I know that my idea won’t make it but i’ll write it anyways.(i also don’t think that it’s new)
Ok i’ll get straight to the point : could LingQ add a future which when you click on a word , instead of showing a translation , it would show a picture (Cause we learn better with pictures and also translation makes you slow in the language )

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That’s okay for many nouns but cloudy and subjective for many adjectives and nearly impossible for a lot of verbs without losing considerable nuance.

Ex. ponder, reflect, consider, risk, contradict, remind, recall, outdo, memorize, etc.


LingQ doesn’t do that but you can export to Anki and then add pictures to your deck if you like. :slight_smile:

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Basically, LingQ already has this picture function. You can choose Google Images as one of your dictionaries. Then you will see a picture related to the word. You can’t save it, though, as your definition.


Yeah but google images suck and i meant something that would be more in depth , eg. Showing a timeline for the verbs , or for learning an adjective , the opposite too…

Right but at that level they could just use a target language to target language ductionary…