I have a Premium account. Why I have to 'ACTIVATE' LingQ in the APP to get full access?

I have a Premium account, but in the APP I’m asked to ‘ACTIVATE LingQ Premium FREE for 7 days!’ to get unlimited access to everything LingQ has to offer.
What does that mean? I’m going to be charged extra for using the APP?

I have a lifetime premium account and still get advertisements like this and promo ads. It would be much better if the marketing team only employed these ads for people who have not upgraded their accounts :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick answer.
I tried the APP and it’s working, but I prefer the web site.

Same here

It looks like when you opened the app (at least on iPad) you clicked on ‘Start Learning’ instead of the link below: ‘I already have an account’.

I had to delete the app and re-install it to fix it, because I tried out what happens when I click ‘Start Learning’ for you. Just make sure you click on ‘I already have an account’ every time, to get to your log-in.

I enjoy both the web page and app.

Yes, make sure to log in on the app so your account status can be updated. If you do click the Get Started button you can log out of that account and log in to your correct account in the Settings.

I updated the APP an the advert is gone. Everything is fine.
I’m going to give it a try!
Thanks everyone.