I have a good idea for English leaners

Hey everybody …
I have a good idea for English leaners

we want to make a small group for practice by Skype or Yahoo … and we will decied how we are meeting according our free time.

please if you want to be a member in our group let me know.

Hey Man… Nice to meet you. I’m from Venezuelan and I’m learn English. My English is very basic. Tell me… Do you want speak English with me?? Wait your answers… Good look.

Hi my name is Ignacio and I´m from Mexico. Yes I want to be part of your group to practice by Skype please let me know what we need to do to be able to start.

Hye, I am Tautvydas Kopustas from Lithuania and I want become a member in your group :slight_smile:

me too…

Hi everybody!
It’s going to be funny as I imagine. I am also agree with this splendid idea. OK! I’m ready and looking forward to having REAL conversation.
I’m Azerbaijani from Saudi Arabia.

HI There, I would like to join please tell me details of membership.
Best Regards

I want to make part of this group. My skype nick is tomasito1555. Add me or tell us how can we join on it.

I’d like to be member of that group ") … Let me know, please!

Hello everyone,
It’s good to see you guys right here as learners of foreign languages just like me.
I really want to speak English so fluently as well every time and everywhere I may go even in my own country, Korea.
It’d look pretty neat forum right here with being able to talk freely with anyone or any person.
I hope all members who desire to reach their own goal of learning English can speak very well at all times.

good luck!

hi everyone I am looking for to share in this group please add me my skype sandy6068

Hi everyone, add me please! skype: cassio.hermes

Hi, I’d like to speak English with you all.
My Skype: yang.hu3

Hi Man. I want improve my English.

me. too i want to improve my english…

i learn english many years. but noone to talk with. i got around to see someone who can share or help me with all trouble. all tutors they need money, we want to talk we must pay. yealllllllll now if you contact with me skype id “volatroicao” we can talk all day sunday all year round without a pen.

Hi pals ! i wanna talk together , too .But…can u give a specific time to talk ?what day in week ? i am a basic learner too so we can talk together without shame ^^ my skype nick :vitconxauxi121189 and yahoo nick is the same…if u wanna talk to me …plz add it ^^.Have fun

Hi all, this sounds great idea , whoever like to chat me at abubasil70@yahoo.com , or in the skype messenger as (abu_basil) …I am from Iraq, this means 3+ GMT

I’m for a long time seeking for someone to talk with. Please, any English speaker, add me in skype. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am learning English and ı wanna be part of it…