I had the first five mini-stories translated to Kabyle (a Berber / Amazigh dialect)

Hi everyone.
Recently I made the mistake of having the first five mini-stories translated into Thai without first checking if they were already done.

I did it again! But this time, I think it’s highly unlikely that these mini-stories have already been made… (It would honestly surprise me)

Berber languages aren’t studied a lot, and even if you do find the rare 19th century dictionary or a half-finished app in the appstore, it’s almost always for Rifain, a Berber dialect spoken in Morocco.

I’ve always wanted to learn Kabyle - The Berber of Kabylie in Algeria. It’s a language of over 7 million speakers. So when I stumbled upon an extremely good offer on fiverr, I decided to have five mini stories translated!

I had the stories translated in both the Latin script and the Tifinagh script, which was the original script in which the Berber language was written some 2500 years ago.

I know that this is probably quite a niche language, but since the translations are based on the mini-stories, I figured that i might as well share them here so, perhaps one day, Kabyle can be a beta-language with LingQ :slight_smile:

the audio and text can be found here:
Stories For Learning Kabyle, A Berber / Amazigh Language. With Audio And English Translation. | AutoLingual – Learn A Foreign Language By Yourself