I get incorrect all the time, while my translation is correct

Hi, I am new here, and learning Russian, after having studied this language with Duolingo for almost a year. I am doing the ministories and after that reviewing the words in the lessons. Flipping cards is OK, but when I have to type the translations myself I always get an ‘incorrect’, although I type in the correct answer.
This happens literally all the time, with words that are definitively translated well. The ‘right translation’ is the same as what I type,
What is the reason? Do I have something wrong in my profile setting? Or is this a bug?
Thanks for looking into this.

Have you checked that your spelling is correct? I don’t know the Cyrillic alphabet, but if there are accents, have you made sure they are correct? In french, if I don’t type the acute accent then it’s fine, but if I miss the grave accent or the ‘little hat’ then it marks it as wrong

It is the English translation of a Russian word, and the spelling is exactly the same as the ‘right’ spelling. That’s why I thought it was perhaps a setting, but where and which? :thinking:

Hi @ari-atari Do you mean dictation when you refer to translation activity? Like in screenshot below? If that’s the case, you should type the word or phrase in Russian instead of its translation.

It looks like this, and I don’t think it is the dictation. I really think I have to type the translation in English. As you can see the “right translation” is exactly the same as what I type.

If it’s a dictation test, where you need to type the answer, then as @LingQlearner pointed above, you need to type the word or phrase in Russian, not the translation. That’s why it’s a dictation test.