I found an E-ink Monitor for LingQ!

Just the other day, I discovered that there is a company that manufactures E-ink monitors. I assume that this would work perfectly fine with LingQ since it simply displays whatever is on your computer, so you don’t have to worry about whether LingQ supports it. Does anyone have any experience with this monitor? It seems they also offer a smaller 13-inch monitor.


I don’t have any experience about it but I have to say it looks stunning.


One thing I can tell you for sure. Using LingQ on a big monitor screen really improves my reading experience and ends up reading more in general as compared to reading on my laptop.
In my university lab they have 25 inch monitor screens so sometimes I read there.

Therefore, I can imagine reading texts on an E-link monitor is going to be an awesome experience. However, the pricing is on the higher end for me. I am also switching to reading physical books since I can access to them free of cost in my local library.

If you can afford it, then why not.


I use an Onyx color e-reader and it works great :slight_smile:

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True, I think it should be a great experience for readers. It’s expensive for sure. I’d love to have the possibility to try for a period of time.

I’m reading more physical books as well, the reason is that it is probably more relaxing than staying always in front of a digital screen. Sometimes I just feel the need to read normal books or magazines.


Ah, I didn’t know they did a coloured version. I was planning on buying the Note Air 2, but then someone mentioned that the colours in Lingq (the blue and yellow highlights) don’t show up very well on black and white e-screens. Since I even sometimes struggle with using LingQ in dark mode, I held off to do more research.

I’m off to investigate the colour screen e-reader now!