I feel shy

Hello everybody, I am a new member here, I feel shy when I speak english, even when I write also actually. I am here to improve my language. But still I feel shy. Can anyone help me?

Hello Thuraya,
nice to have you here as new member.
Be not shy, all embers here want wo help whenever possible!
I am from Germany but I am learning English too.
Please ask if you would like have help.
Have a good start

Hi, Irene,

Thank you very much for your reply me. Learning English is easy I think, but it needs practice eveyday mostly. we did not speak english at home ,that is problem. we have housemaid but she does not speak english. how do think we can do practice?
Also do think reading story in english will be usefull to us?
how we can improve our listening in english?

Thuraya, I think the practice is different from what you like at most.
I like to write and so I write often and get back the corrected version of my writing. Then I have time for reading and larning with. My tutor recommends to write more sentence than in this manner.

The next is to take part on conversations and there I like at most the event who I get an item when I signed in and we read it in the event and can ask what is not clear.

The reading alone is for me not enough. I bring the items as import in LingQ and there I can the word highlighten and review.

Important for me is the transfer on the MP3 plaver, then I can sit in my garden and listen to the content.

So, I think for practice are the events the best.

Learning a new language do need practice. When we are not surrounded by the language we’re learning, it’s more difficult and we have to create our own world. There are several ways to do, like listening every days, reading what you want, watching TV or whatever you can do in this language. Even if you do not understand each word, you’ll get used to English. Create a blog and write on it in English. You could make friends, via your blog, LingQ,…talk to them in English.
Surround yourself with it as much as you can.
At LingQ we learn languages naturally, there is no pressure. Tutors are great, and always willing to help us. If you don’t feel enough confident in speaking, you can sign up in one on one discussion. When you’re ready, participate in group discussions. Don’t be shy, as Irene wrote, we’re all learners. Events are fun, instructive and always helpful.
Writing is very important to practice what we are learning, we have more time to think about and express ourselves. We learn by making mistakes, and work on them.
Reading goes with listening. We notice more how words are put together. Seeing the words and sentences by reading is important to remember well. It helps to remember them as we review.
All section are important actually.
With a positive attitude, you’ll learn faster and better. In making the decision to enroll at LingQ and improve your English has shown self-confidence. Don’t worry; you’ll improve much more quickly than you think. Enjoy your study, you’ll do great :slight_smile:
Welcome to LingQ Thuraya.

Irene, I agree with you for all. I will try to order the methods of learning. I always wonder when & how to start, your words gove me the motivate to find the answer. And I wiil choose one subject to start.
thank you very much my friend Irene.


Hello Marianne, Thank you for your words. I feel shy mybe because of my poor english. I try to develop my language as you said. I need actually to read more to speak. My more problem is how to speak. I will do what you say.

Steve said in one of his items that the most important point for a beginner is not to speak. A child begins to speak after a year or longer. And don’t know when you begin with speaking that have to be correct!
The more you are reading and listening how Marianne wrote, the more you are beginning to think in English.
I remember the time for my beginning in LingQ (March 2007), I was really helpless because all was in English and my English was bad for understanding.
I had to struggle very strong! Today it is easier because a member get the explanation in his own language.
You will see - you have fun here, and when you have Skype, you can join events and you can call another member for trying speaking.
Have a good Sunday Thuraya!

I am very thankful to you all. I will not hurry to speak though i am old now ,I am 30 years old. I dont think that you start here in bad english, I see your english very good, And you started in 2007, mostly one year until now. it was stronge struggle. I hope to be like you. i real have fun here.

hi …I am not sure what I have to do in order to improve my english…and this is the first my messages…

I think if I send messsages It will be perfect for me…I am from turkey…