I dont understand

Hi, I dont really understand how you would use this term? is it like a 's? For example Peter’s, and you would add that Japanese character like how we would add 's in English?

Many thanks in advance.

I’ve been studing japanese for a very short time but as far as i know を is a particle generally used to indicate the object of an action (Direct object)
For example: 今日は映画を見ました。(きょうはえいがをみました) I saw a movie today.

If you wanted to say, for example, Peter’s house it would be ピターの家。(ピターのうち)
The particle の used between two nouns usually indicates that the first noun possess the second.

I hope that was of some help.

And if we use “noun + を” in a sentence, the word order is not important. This “noun + を” form always indicates the object.
For example, the following sentences are almost the same meaning.

今日は映画を見ました。(It is today that I watched a movie.)
映画を今日見ました。(It is a movie that I watched today.)

Sometimes, it is possible to say, especially in a casual conversation, that…

Thank you for your corrections Shigeharu 先生. Futhermore, I didnt know that you could change the order and I didnt know about the casual conversation stuff neither. So , thank you for sharing your knowledge too.