I don't understand this sentence (japanese)


I have a little problem with this sentence “新しい 言語 を 学習 し たい の です ね.”

学習 し たい の

I don’t understand this part: study and what?
Togetherm it is “would you study” but when i search ’ し たい’ i don’t find anything. May be it’s a conjugation?

Thanks for help

学習する to learn (something)
学習したい want to learn (something)

旅行する → 旅行したい(want to travel)
外出する → 外出したい(want to go out)

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You want to learn a new language, don’t you?

Do you want to learn a new language?

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thank youuuu :slight_smile: It’s just a prefix :slight_smile:
It’s so simple like that :slight_smile: