I don't see my name among the tutors

I enjoy the new LingQ version. I am discovering it. I update my schedule as French Tutor ( speaking and correcting writting), but I don’t see my on the list. And the sort seems not to works, when I want for example to see only french tutors or only spanish tutors, the sort is not made.
Can you check and tell me, please ?
Many thanks

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You show up 5th in the list of French tutors right now. You can filter by native language or country. The page only shows tutors for the currently selected language.

And where am I? I have reported the problem in two different threads related to the update.

Which language have you set up to tutor? Have you chosen one? Have you set a rate for tutoring? I see your native language is set to Chinese. That isn’t going to help you show up for French.

I explained elsewhere, where you kept going to answer others. I am not so stupid as to want to show up for French.

"I was told I could not be found on the Chinese tutor list. I also cannot see the timetable after setting it up - where it might be, something is loading forever. "

"I was told I was not on the list. On the Chinese tutor list, only Steve is the valid tutor. Others are ghosts that were alive long time ago. Also, I cannot see my timetable since I pressed the save button so I don’t know if it is properly set up. "

Yes to all three of your question. The only thing I did not do is add a video. On the tutor setting page, the timetable is forever loading.

Can you send a screenshot of your Profile settings to support at lingq dot com and then follow up there to see what is happening? Your account does not seem to be set up properly so support can help identify the issue so we can get it resolved for you.

Thanks Mark :slight_smile:

Mark, I check again and I am still not appear as tutor in French.

I am not sure why you don’t see yourself but I can see you in the list. Not to worry.

ok Mark. It is the most important if people can see me. Thanks.

The following is the list of the tutors whose native language is French:

It appears that CecileinParis is not included on the list.

I don’t know which is correct, “included on the list” or “included in the list”.

Chinese (Simplified)

TroisRoyaumes is right. He is not on the list.

Is that truly what you see? Can you send me a screenshot? Include any filters you have set. That is not what I am seeing. Trois Royaumes shows at the top of the list for me. Cecile shows 5th for me.

Yes, that is what I see. I am not always joking. I wonder why what you see and what I see are so different. I only set the “native language” filter.

I posted a message on your wall. It includes the screenshot.

It seems that the order of the tutors on the list is organized according to the total number of accomplished conversations and corrections.

Thanks, Yutaka. Those screenshots helped a lot. And, maybe @Cecile that is the same problem you are having. If you are in English and search the tutors list using the filters, I see that you are getting those results. I was assuming you were in French on the Tutors page - Login - LingQ or in Chinese on the Tutors page - Login - LingQ.
I had never tried searching for tutors in different languages like that. We will get that fixed so the lists match. But, for the most part, people searching for tutors are searching in the language they are studying.

@Yutaka - Actually I see now that you are looking at a list of tutors of English with native language French. To see French tutors you have to be studying French. Use the language switch in the top right corner to open up French and then go to Tutors. @Cecile - Is that the same problem you are having?


I use the language switch in the top right corner to open up French and go to Tutors. I apply the native language filter and see the list. But Cecile is not on the list.


Something is wrong with the list. It seems that whether you apply the native language filter or not does not make a difference. Moreover, the order of the tutors is not consistent.

Some tutors whose total number of accomplished conversions and corrections is more than that of others are listed lower on the list.

Yes, that is the correct switch. You don’t need the native language switch either. Cecile used to be in that list but seems to no longer be available as a tutor. The list looks correct to me.

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