I dont know what to do

hi friends, how are you,
im a new guy here, beginner learner

can you help me?
i have plan to study overseas but my english is bad
im really confuse how to improve my language
including grammar, speaking, vocabulary, writing, etc
what should i do first, second, third, and so on

thanks alot

I remember that this question has been asked by another Lingquer a few day ago. It has been replied under following link Where Do I Begin? - Language Forum @ LingQ
Hope that here your question will be answered.

Ups, pls. keep in mind that you need the whole link that means: copy and paste entire link without space between … = and 1 …


thanks for your help

hope this could make me more moves forward

It’s also a good idea to think about why you really want to learn English. Is it for work, to get a better job, to pass a test, to travel, to make friends, etc. That will help you decide if you need to focus on grammar or conversation. Good luck!