I don't get any SRS-s

I have already marked lots of LingQs but after 24 hours in SRS I got just 16 words in Italian and none in English.
At the moment I have 97 LingQs in English and 414 in Italian. Why does it happen? Do I need to mark those 16 as known before I will see other ones?

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Hi wisedashD,
I am sorry to hear that. When did you first noticed that you are receiving less then 25 LingQs per day? Are you sure that you have Daily LingQs notifications/emails enabled for English on the Settings Page, notifications tab? Please check. Thanks.

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Hello, Zoran, thank you for your answer!
I checked and yes, notifications/emails for English were not enabled. Now they are.
I received 25 new lingQs to learn for my Italian yesterday but for English there is still no new lingQs. Even when I look in SRS for myself.
Is there any decision?

Hi again,
If you’ve enabled Daily LingQs notifications for English today, you should start to receive it regularly from tomorrow. If you don’t receive it tomorrow, please send us an email to support (at) lingq.com and we will help you.

Hi! Today it worked, thank you very much!