I don't drink coffee to wake up

I saw two sentences in a coffee shop as below:

“I don’t drink coffee to wake up.”
“I wake up to drink coffee.”

I don’t really understand the first one.
What does that mean?

Thank you!!!

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It means that the person does not drink coffee to wake up. Not in the literal sense but in the sense that one gets more energetic. Coffee contains caffeine which wakes you up.

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You can add ‘in order to’ - then you can understand this sentence better:
I don’t drink coffee in order to wake up.
It means: I can wake up without drinking coffee, it isn’t difficult for me.


So the second one is like, I wake up in order to drink coffee.
Thank you, evgueny40, that’s a good way to understand it.

were both sentences together? If so, the two sentences together are really saying “I know coffee is used to help people wake up in the morning, however, I drink coffee because I really enjoy it”

It’s a common expression in English to answer the question “what do you get out of bed for? (what do you wake up for?)” with something you really enjoy in life. The sentences you show together can be thought of as a “play on words” / “clever wordplay” on this question/answer, since coffee is used to wake yourself up.


Thank you so much, andrewdaniele.
Yes, the two sentences were together. And I also think it’s a “play on words”.
Thank you for making it clearer.

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You hit the nail on the head. Good job Canada


In this case the 2 sentences are together so they want to have a specific meaning from the coffee shop point of view:

I like coffee so much that I don’t drink coffee to wake up like many people do because it contains caffeine BUT the reason why I wake up every morning is to drink and enjoy coffee first thing in the morning because coffee is so good.

Otherwise it can also have the meaning that you don’t drink it at all in the morning but you drink tea, for example.