I didn't get notified

I was just about to have a Spanish lesson after a long holiday and all of a sudden I see that my lesson is no longer on my list of upcoming conversations and that my points had been returned, I have had conversations of mine cancelled several times before, but I was very confused as to why exactly I hadn’t been notified, I had just finished checking all my emails when I noticed it and I have checked them several times now and I don’t have an email saying that it has been cancelled, I am not majorly bothered about having it cancelled, but I just wondered why I didn’t get the email.

Here at lingq we’ve decided to go on an email diet. To much spam will make you fat, and some studies have shown, make your computer explode…

Recently most of the mail from LingQ ends up in my spam folder, I would check there, Harry.

In your spam folder, of course, lol.

One request. Please try to by brief and clear in describing problems.

There are at times issues at LingQ and we strive to fix them. Sometimes they are caused by our system, or recent changes, sometimes they relate to the specific situation of one learner. The clearer and simpler the description, the easier it is for us to react.