I could have you killed!

Well, again me. I am watching Broadwalk Empire and a man said that: I could have you killed.

What’s the difference between this sentence and “I could have killed you.”? The meaning of this sentence is very clear.

Does the first sentence mean: “I could have hired a man to kill you.”?

Thanks for answers!

mostly yes, I could have had someone kill you

You have pretty much solved the question yourself :slight_smile:

but just to confirm yes what the guy is talking about is “I could have hired a man to kill you.”

Yes, to “have noun verbed” seems to frequently mean that somebody else will be doing it…

Thanks for confirmation. :slight_smile:

What about this one: “I can get you killed.”

I hear a lot that people say “I got injured” instead of “I was injured”. Do these two sentece have the same meaning? get and got is another way of passive sentences?

I don’t know if there is a rule here but “get you killed” doesn’t sound like it will happen deliberately. Like “you’re going to get us killed” (with your reckless driving).

“I got injured” and “I was injured” seem almost the same to me. “Got” seems less formal and perhaps it also makes it seem more like an action than a state? Because you can say “I was injured for two years” but you probably can’t/wouldn’t say “I got injured for two years.” And if you say “I was injured two years ago” it’s a bit unclear whether that’s when the injured state started, or if you were in an injured state two years ago and we don’t know when it started. But if you say “I got injured two years ago” that is definitely when the injury started.

actually “I got injured for two years” might be ok… Suggests the effect of the initial action lasted that long. Whereas “I was injured for two years” sounds more like it describes a state (though I’m on the fence here too).

in short, " I got injured" usually means when you are doing an activity that caused you to be injured ( driving, sports, whatever) “I was injured” I think it usually means in the past “I was injured” doing whatever again they are very very similar statements.

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