I can't upgrade my account

Hello. I’m having some problems with the site system. I’m trying to upgrade my account, but I don’t know what is a Coupon Code or a Postal Code. Is the postal code the code of my house in Brazil? The first one (coupon code) I have no idea about what it is.

Thank you very much for the help.

Hi there,

If you have a coupon code (i.e. a code that gives you a bonus, a discount, etc.) you can put it in the coupon code box. If you don’t have a coupon code, you can leave this field blank.

The postal code is a number (in Brazil, the format is “xxxxx-xxx”) that typically appears towards the end of your address. In this case, we require the postal code to help prevent fraudulent payments on the site.


I am also having problems when trying to upgrade.

It should be an easy, welcoming, kind of rewarding process, because the state of mind of those who go through it is one of elation, a bit excited, having hopes and desires, like when taking a step forward or something…
Trying the free plan for a while, understanding one need more, giving a good thought, making a decision, than… not being able to do it without help.

OK, here is the message I receive:
“PayPal Server Error: This transaction cannot be processed… 15005. Processor Decline”
I don’t even try to pay by PayPal, but using a VISA card.

Please help, I really want this new step, and so does my brother and my girlfriend.
Thanks a lot!

@KyuRo - I’m sorry you’re having problems upgrading. It sounds like PayPal, which is our payment processor, is declining your card for some reason. Sometimes certain cards are not accepted for recurring payments. You may want to check with your credit card provider. Or, sometimes cards which are not accepted for recurring payments are accepted for one-time payments so you can try buying a one time 6-month membership on this page Login - LingQ.

Thank you for your polite answer.