I can't upgrade my account from Free to BASIC


The system don’t seem to be able, at the moment, to upgrade my account from FREE to BASIC. Since, I am a returning customer, you should have all the information you need.

Thank you


PS: I, also, sent a email to your customer service.

@Grunts67 - I have responded to your support email. Sorry for the trouble.

I just email you back with more information as you required.

Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks you for the fast support by email.

I’m having the same problem, would it be possible to post the solution publicly?

I sent support an email also

Typically each payment issue is different, and the issue that affected you is different from the one that Grunts67 was experiencing. I’ve responded to your specific situation in the support email, so be sure to reply to that email if you have any further questions!

Ah, makes sense.

Thanks again!

Also having this issue. Had to enter new credit card info, when I click update when asked to confirm, it does not do anything.

@Bard - We’re working on some issues with the payment system and hope to have everything working perfectly very soon. Your upgrade attempt was logged successfully and the payment has now been processed so your account has been upgraded. If you run into any further problems with this, let us know!