I can't submit my writing

I can’t submit my writing (because of error 500 server error) and I’ve only a couple of hours left before my activity points expire. What should I do?

gr. sjoerd

Hi Sjoerd,

You must be trying to submit more points than you have points for. It looks like there is a bug in the message that asks you to buy more points when you click on the “buy more points” link. If you buy points on the Points page directly and then come back and submit, you should be fine. Or, reduce your submission so you have enough points.

Sorry, I meant more words than you have points for. That’s why you are being asked to buy more. Keep in mind that the counters on the page and on the server can sometimes differ so that if you try to use the exact number of words, it may not work. The best idea is to be a few words under the limit you have calculated.

It’s alright, I’ve submitted my writing. Thanks!

gr. sjoerd

I can’t submit my writing, but it says that i have 642 available points and need 639 to turn it in. Can this be fixed without purchasing points? I have a free membership.

Hmm. It should go through. Might be something that needs to looked at. Will let you know tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi lingQuser,

The counter on the submit writing page is, unfortunately, not always as accurate as the counter on the server. Therefore, the number shown on the page can differ with the actual number of words that the server calculates and can be rejected. For whatever reason it is not possible to be as accurate counting on the page as we are when we can calculate the number of words on the server.

At any rate, if you shorten your text by a few words it should work. Or, buy a few more points. Sorry about that. :slight_smile: