I can't submit a text in Turkish for correction

I’ve managed to write my first text in Turkish (what’s more, I consulted a dictionary only once!) and I would love to submit it. Unfortunately, I can’t choose any tutor from the list (and the reason is not that there are no Turkish tutors, because as far as I can see on her profile ozne corrects Turkish texts). Is it a bug or I do something wrong?


Is there somethimg wrong?I don’t know why I can’t see myself as aTurksh tutor?Do you know anything?

As far as seeing yourself as a tutor is concerned, I’ve never seen myself as a Polish tutor, but others could see me and I received some texts for correction. The problem is that I can’t send you a text even when I click “submit text” on your profile. Let’s wait until this problem is solved (and waiting is sometimes a good thing, because I’ve already noticed two errors in my Turkish text).

I will let Alex or Mark answer since I am not too knowledgable about all these things. I just want to say that I am happy that ozne is giving so much to our community to get Turkish going here. I also appreciate customic’s enthusiasm for learning the language customic.

One day I will find the time for Polish and Turkish.

My first year as a student in France almost 50 years ago, my best friend was from Turkey, Cagpar was his name. He taught me a Turkish song that I still remember. I also got interested in the history of Turkey and amongst other things I read a biography or Attaturk. More recently I read “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk. One day in Turkish!

By the way, learning Czech has brought me closer to Polish. I had a look at a recently uploaded lesson and it did not seem so hard. I am also reading a book in Czech, “Střední Evropa v dějinách Od středověku do současnosti. Cena svobody” by a Polish writer Piotr S. Wandycz . I am learning a lot about the history of Central Europe and especially Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. The history of Poland is most interesting.

I’m so appreciate that.I can clearly say that I’m capable of being a Turkish tutor,you can read my profile.But the problem is I 'm not recognized on Lingq yet.

Hi Steve ,

You can read ‘Red’ which is one of Orhan Pamuk’s very important book in Turkish literature.

Yes ozne, one day I will get to “Red” hopefully in Turkish. As to why you do not appear as a tutor in our list, I prefer to leave that explanation to Alex or Mark. It seems strange. I cannot find you there either. I am sure we will fix it shortly.

I don’t really have any explanation for why the system won’t allow ozne to appear as a Turkish corrector. Everything looks fine with ozne’s account. I will have to ask our technical team to look into it. Sorry about that.

Steve, and I really appreciate that you and your team work very hard to keep LingQ up and running. I can’t imagine a more suitable online platform for language learning and teaching - although I do have some ideas for future improvements, one of which I’ll share with you later this day (because now I’ve got to go - I wish I had some additional hours daily for LingQ…).

I realize that I forgot to mention that this should be working fine now. ozne is available as a writing corrector. @customic I see you have already submitted and had corrected your writing so I know you know…!

Yes, I’ve noticed that. Thank you!