I can't see my Wall Posts on my wall or anyone elses wall

Before my wall post would have thing like chalanges and other posts and I could go back and followup with conversations.

I have some wall posts that I wanted to follow up with. I can neither find the wall post on my wall nor the wall post on my pupil’s wall. The only way I can find a post is by going to notifications.

This is un-helpful as the post I needed to followup with hasn’t been responded to. yet.

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Same here. I just saw that all the wall posts are gone but went ahead and posted something on one of my friends’ walls, so now I have no idea whether they’ll be able to read what I posted or be able to respond. Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch.

I pretty much stopped using the wall after the last big “update” of it. It doesn’t work for me anymore. Much like the new forum system, which is no longer useable for long message threads (too slow to load and find new messages in long threads).


Same here. Can’t get rid of annoying notifications either, no matter how many times one marks as read. Cheers

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