I can't save the lessons in my playlist on iLingQ

I often listen to the audio of my lessons with my iPad. I make some playlists and listen to them from the top to the last randomly.

I could save my playlists before. However, recently after I shut down my iPad and reopen iLingQ, all of my playlist has no contents. It means it becomes zero. Everytime I have to add some lessons to my playlist.

Have something changed with playlist in iLingQ?

I am sorry to hear that you’ve trouble with this. Would you first try to log out/login to app again, to check if that might help?
If not can you please try to reinstall your app?
Please let me know if any of these help. Thanks!

I reinstalled my app on my iPad. The normal iLingQ is back!
Now I can save my lessons in my playlist.
Thank you, zoran.

Great! I’m happy to help! :slight_smile: