I can't save new lingQs anymore :(

I use LingQ’s free account, and in three days, I’ve already created 120 LingQs. After that, I can’t save any more LingQs in any language. I’ve already deleted my LingQs in “Vocabulary,” and now there are no words in “Vocabulary,” but the website still won’t let me save any more LingQs, and it asks me to subscribe to the premium account.

Can you help meee, please? I really like this website, I want to keep using this.

That’s all the free version gives you, I think.
You need to subscribe to use LingQ properly. Well worth it, in my opinion.

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I have 62934 total lingqs in German at the moment :grin:

You better subscribe as Premium and give it a go for 1 year, then you decide if keep subscribing.

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1 year might be a bit much if you’re not yet convinced, but it certainly is the best value for money by far (excluding lifetime purchase, which is only for 1 language each).

If you’re unsure, I think 1 month’s subscription is a good idea to help you decide. Just don’t forget to switch to the yearly model if you decide to continue using it in the long term!

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@fabbol he wrote he really liked this website.

Honestly, you need time to understand LingQ, it is a software and method that require a learning curve, not only from a technical point of view but also by doing mistakes, understanding the logic, let go of things that we usually do as beginners and so on.
Once you embrace the method and if you like the idea like it is stated at the beginning, it would be better to not think about it for a longer period of time and live the full experience (bugs included) for a bit more. Just by reading+listening for a while, try challenges, try courses, import materials, ask to the community, etc.

If you survive, you become a new LingQ hero. :smile:


Yes, and if you really, really like it, but just for one language (or a handful, if you want to save up for it), I highly recommend the lifetime membership for one language.

You can purchase multiple lifetime memberships, but you would pay the lifetime price for each language separately (at its respective price of $199 USD for each language as of this post).

I just go for one language, so I stuck with lifetime for one language, and it helps to do as davideroccato mentions by giving yourself:


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