I can't reply to posts

For a few days I haven’t been able to post replies in the LingQ forum (I’ve tested different computers). It’s the usual “The page cannot be found” (the same as I still get when I try to change the level of several words at a time).

We will look into this. Are any of these things happening to anyone else?

Jeff, I see that you have responded on another thread in the Open Forum. Are you getting this error only sometimes? Are you trying to reply to a thread in the Ask a Tutor Forum? We’re having trouble replicating this problem.

Regarding the vocabulary problem, is this happening in a specific language?

Apparently it works sometimes - I tried earlier today (in the thread you saw) but couldn’t get the whole message through. I thought it might be a character limit so I posted the important parts. That worked, but I couldn’t post anything else in that thread.

The problem is occurring again - I want to reply in the same thread, but all I see is a blank page.

Hi Jeff,
Could you please tell 1) what is the URL of the thread where you were unable to post and 2) what is the language you are learning. We need this information to diagnose the problem.

(I’ve tried posting in the thread from both languages)

Still no success in replying to the abovementioned thread.

Can you please check that you have Javascript enabled for your browser?

Javascript is enabled. I can reply to this thread, and to the other from time to time - (seemingly) depending on the length of the reply.

A slightly related problem is that I can’t change the “status” of my saved words (in either German or Russian - the two languages I’m studying) - if I check a word (or several) and choose the proper level from the dropdown menu I come to a page which cannot be found. (clicking on each word individually and using the “status editor” works fine)

Jeff, we just can’t reproduce these problems which makes it very hard to find them. Next time you have a problem can you click on View in the browser menu and Source and then copy and paste the source into an email. Send it to support at lingq dot com.

Otherwise, have you tried a different browser? I believe you’re using IE6. Can you upgrade to IE7 or download Firefox and see if you continue to have these problems on a different browser?

Let me test myself here because I am having problem with posting my message.

Hum. I can post new message here, but I cannot post new message on Happy For You, Jill !! - Language Forum @ LingQ. I get 500 - Server error. I am using Firefox on Windows Vista though. I will try shorter message on the above thread then. I just want to give my wishes to Jill…

Yes, I did it. When I make my post shorter, I could post the message. But I think I cannot post three times in a row or something. Now I get 500-Server error again. I can’t post the last part of my message.

By the way, I checked source of the error page, but it didn’t say anything so important.

OK guys, it looks like I’ve fixed it. Thanks everybody for your help.

Thanks, Mike. Please let us know if you are still having any problems.

Thanks, it works now!