I can't open the other language

I’m learning two languages in the LingQ - English and Spanish.Today it is impossible to open the Spain language and get lessons.

Same problem here…

No problems with all FF, IE and Chrome on that issue.

I use a Google Chrome browser. The problem is still staying here.

There is a problem with the language switch. If you click on the drop down arrow, it doesn’t seem to work properly. However if you click on the language name in the drop down, it should work fine. We are working to fix this issue in the meantime.

Sorry, but the click on the language drop down isn’t working too.

In case you didn’t, you must refresh the page first. Since an update was just made yesterday, your browser may be storing some old information.

What do you mean “refresh the page first”? I have restarted my computer, but the language switch is still not working and can’t change languages.

I usually click on the clockwise litte circle in the URL address line, at the left. You can also press Control R, or Apple key R, or F5, I believe. I just refreshed on my iPad and fixed the problem.

@Steve. Oh! Thank you very very much. It is done and the switch works:-)