I can't import the whole lesson

I try to import a text over 2000 words. I could import the first part successfully, however, I have been waiting for more than an hour to import the rest of the lesson but it hasn’t been imported yet. How long should I wait?

Other parts should be imported shortly after the part 1. Depends on how long the text is, but it shouldn’t be too long. Did they appeared after all or you can still see Part 1 only?

I 'm having the same issue, I paste a text of more than 2000 words into the lesson importer and when saving I get a prompt saying that the lesson will be split into more parts since it’s over 2000 words . The first part is available immediately, but the rest of the lesson never appears. I’ve been trying this for a lot of different texts and I just can’t get it to go past the first 2000 words. Is there any solution to this?

It’s true that the problem of only the first part appearing seems to be recurring. I am waiting for parts 2 and 3 of something I imported a few hours ago.

I’m having the same issue, I just tried to import an E-Book and only the first lesson has appeared. It has been about an hour.

This issue seems to be new (again) today. I’ve now been waiting 7 or more hours.

The issue seems to persist for me even now, so I’ve sent a mail to Lingq support and pointed them to this thread. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Thanks, I replied you there and asked for some additional informations we need to try to figure this issue out.
@batts @protorich Can you please send me a link to imported course with Part 1 only to support(at)lingq.com ? Thanks!

It seems to have just imported sometime in the last hour or so. So it seems to be fixed, thanks.

Zoran - I have just looked, and the rest of the text has arrived. Thank you. Richard

Great, thank you both for letting me know.