I can't import my lesson


I am now trying to import my lesson in Korean but it keeps giving me a error page. The page says it’s the inside-server-error(HTTP500).

Do I have to wait till something will be ending (If there is something going on in the site)?

And will it be possible to know when I can import it again?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Do you receive this error when trying to upload an audio file or simply when trying to save a lesson?

I get this error only when I try to save a lesson with an audio file.

Does the audio file contain Korean text in it? Try changing the title of the file to something generic (or simply a title in English) and see if that helps. Sometimes there are problems with non-roman characters.

Yes, it is true. Me too I had an error when I uploaded an audio file with the title written in Chinese. But it worked well when I changed it into one written in Alphabet.

The audio file had Korean text in its name! Thanks, it works fine now :slight_smile: