I can't import lessons

I can’t import lessons to lingq. It keeps demanding an audio URL whitch i don’t have.

Same here. Good to know it’s happening to other people too.

Same here.

I just found a sample mp3 online and posted that url and it worked fine:

@patrick1978 Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into this.

It’s happening to me too.

@Bonnenouvellejony, I’ve informed the developers. We’ll get this fixed asap.

Same problem here

same here.

using firefox

Seme here.

Me Too

I am having same problem with or without audio upload I get the following message in red. Please correct the following errors:
Field “external_audio”: Enter a valid audio url

Hi everyone, this issue has been fixed! Thanks for your patience!

Yeah just got a message from the support team, fixed now