I can't go to my provider's page!

I can’t go to my provider’s page and as a result I can’t create new collections.
I can only continue my old collections.
It was so simple 2 months ago to go to the provider’s page pressing ‘Back to the import’ left above - but now by pressing this point I receive again to the stident’s page of lessons, not to the page where I can create a new collection and see all the lessons that I created before in order not to repeat by chance them.
How can I have an access to the provider’s page what is maybe not so important for the learners but very important to the providers like me, Vera, Serge etc???

Hi Evgueny, yes, the interface is different now. You can create a new course by heading to the “Import Lesson” page. You will see a small “+” icon next to the Course. Click it to create a new course.

To see all the lessons created before, you can go to the “My Imports” page, select courses and then choose “Edit course” from the drop down. It will take you to the page with all the lessons withing a course, where you can change the lesson positions, edit your stuff, etc.

I don’t like the new way because it take me more than 30 seconds before the “My Import” page opens!
I’ve posted it before on this thread: How To Set Order For Imported Lessons - Language Forum @ ...
and here: http://www.lingq.com/forum/1/31401

I don’t also like the new way because I’ve created too many courses and now I have to spend more than an hour to check all of them.
Why not to return this opportunity to go to the general list of your imported lessons and courses, at lest only for the providers?
And I don’t like this public bottom ‘edit lessons’ - so everyone can change your created lessons - it’s a breake of copiright!..
Only the creator or provider is to change or correct his/her lesson!

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And I can’t last 3 days go to my English imported lessons, even to the recent imported lerssons.
As a result I don’t know how many times my English lessons were taken, though I can see it in my importerd lessons in Russian and in German.
What’s happened with my ‘imported lessons’ in English?
Why it’s stopped to work properly?
I know that Steve removed my English article about the events in Odessa, but why the whole page doesn’t work after removing one of the lessons?

@evgueny40 - there is no public option for everybody to edit lessons. We have given editing rights to only a few permanent, trusted members (in their native languages).

As for the Imports, we are very sorry about that. We will definitely look into it. Is that the same issue as Vera has mentioned? Does it load slowly or does an error appear? Do you select to show “lessons” or “courses”?

Hi Galina
“We have given editing rights to only a few permanent, trusted members (in their native languages).”
Not only in their native languages, I’m afraid. I tried to edit one of evgueny40’s lessons and had access to it, though I don’t know a word of Russian.

The bottom ‘imported lessons’ works now well though a bit slowly.
I understood how to create a new course, thanks.
But it’s yet pity that I can’t now see the general list of my donations because to check all courses is like to waste much time. But I have to do it because I didn’t make my own list up to now hoping to the general list of every language in Lingq.com that it was easy to access- and my imported (=created) lessons are at the moment more than 1500 (in 3 languages), and I’m afraid that I can repeat something without checking.
About ‘edit lesson’ bottom I have to check again, but sometimes I had a presentiment that someone changed some words in some of my lessons or made them for example ‘private’ instead of ‘public’.
And I nioticed that this ‘edit lesson’ bottom I have not only in my imported lessons, but for example in french lessons that I had never imported.

@mfr, @evgueny40 - sorry about that. I have to add that some (very few) members have an access to more than one language. It happens when a trusted member is willing to help with multiple lessons and we manually give an access to some certain languages or (very rarely) general editing rights (as in the case of @mfr). However, we don’t give editing rights to anyone.

At the same time, this question is on our list. We would like to improve this system in the future and make it more secure and reliable.

Meantime, @mfr, please don’t edit or remove Evgueny’s lessons! :slight_smile:


Glad that I’m one of the “trusted members”. I just checked if I could open the lesson and left without saving. :slight_smile:

Does this url take you to your courses?

It is Mfr!
How do you get it?
And how can I get the similar lists of my English and German kessons?
It can solve the most of my problems!

Thanks a lot, Mfr!
It’s OK for my Russian collection - now I can check my lessons before creating some new one.
It’s just that page of my all Russian collections I’m looking for!
But I tried to reach in this way my general list of my English and German collections - and I couldn’t, it’s written: ‘not found’.
How can I get them?


It’s an old url I have.

I think you just need to replace the language:


Thanks a lot, Fernanda!
It must facilitate my work in checking old lessons before creating the new ones in order not to repeat myself!

Great, Evgueny
I’m glad I could be of help.