I can't find the lingQ(creatable) on my workdesk

I sent lingQ support the e-mail about two problems.
There is no LingQ(creating) on this page.
更新中 (updating) is not finished.

What browser are you using?

I’m using IE.

Mark recomands firefox. What’s that?

If you are using IE6 there will be problems. We are working to fix that but it is difficult and will take some time yet. We recommend that you upgrade to IE7 or get Firefox. You can download them free of charge.

Firefox is another browser, the one that I use, and a very good one. Otherwise you may have to wait until we can fix the problems in IE6, an out of date browser used by a small group of our users. We really would prefer that everyone upgrade since IE6 is old, and lots of trouble for us to work with.

Hi, Steve.
I understand about that. I’ll try it.

Perfact! There is no problem.
Have a nice day!

Glad to oblige. Happy LingQing!