I can't find a writing I corrected on the My Corrections list

A writing appeared on my Tutor Home page under Today’s Reports. I corrected it, but now I can’t find it listed in the My Corrections section. I can’t remember exactly how many words it was and I like to write down my corrections on a calendar I keep. It was by mendesj (I think). Can you check on it for me? Also, why is the “Corrector” already listed for each writing submission before one is even corrected?

Hi Jillisa,

You should see that correction on the Write page. You can now find all your corrections there. Student’s now pick a tutor when they submit their writing which is why there is always a corrector.

I still don’t understand why this particular correction is not showing up on the My Corrections page (it is by mendesjr). I checked the Write page like you said, and it is there, but it is labeled with a pencil on the left of it, saying it’s a Draft. I sent it again to be sure, but I don’t know if it went through. I corrected something earlier today, sent it, and it showed up on the My Corrections page which keeps a list of all the submissions I have corrected.

That seems strange.It sounds like somehow some draft writing from a course appeared in your list before it was submitted. Could that be? I can’t find that writing either.

The same thing happened to me yesterday. A writing was listed in my list, I graded it, and then received an email from the student asking how I was able to do so.

So, now I see at main tutor page one writing. And “Submitted date” for this submission is “-”. Does it mean that this writing has not been submitted yet, and it is better to wait when student will finish it and really submit?

Yes, it sounds like you shouldn’t take that writing Rasana. Jonathan and Jillisa’s problem sounds the same. Somehow drafts are showing up in the the Tutor area. Don’t correct anything without a submitted date. Can you please send me a screen shot of that? For now, I recommend going to the Write page to see which corrections to do. The texts with the yellow tutor icon need to be corrected and with the green icon have been corrected.

I had this problem on saturday. I saw that the writing ended in the middle of a sentence. Then the writing dissapeared. Three hours later I got an email that there is a writing submission. It was the same writing but now it was finished. I forgot to mention this here.

Ok, Mark, I’ve sent e-mail with screenshots to you (main tutor page and writing itself).