I can't downgrade membership

I have tried many times to downgrade my membership. When I get to the last screen and click “delete my data” it tries to take me to a survey page but always seems to redirect me back to the settings page where it still shows my next pay date on Oct 22. I shouldn’t have a next paydate, so what gives?

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I checked your account and I can confirm you have cancelled your subscription successfully today. Your account will drop to Free level after your current paid month expire, on October 22nd.


i have been trying to downgrade for a month . but it still shows premium . please help me out

I canceled your subscription manually now. What exactly happened when you tried to downgrade?

Can you do mine also? I kept trying to cancel it yesterday, then the last screen of the downgrade refreshes and goes back to the account page. I cancelled it on the Paypal side so it wouldn’t charge me, but I still can’t get it to cancel.

Done, I’ve canceled it.
I’ll report that to our team and we will investigate if there is any issue.

Zoran, I need to delete my account and cancel any transactions in the last 24 hours. I thought i had downgraded to a free membership, but instead found transactions for membership services that i did not choose to pay for. I wish to cancel these transactions and delete my account. If i don’t see anything today, i will contact my bank immediately to sort out the transactions.

@Congruence You did cancelled your subscription successfully today, but after it already renewed. I refunded your payment now and expired your subscription.