I can't delete languages

If I want to delete a language, I just go to the languages tab in the settings and click the X of the language I want to delete. This does not work for me. If I click the X the language is no longer shown in the list of my active languages, but if I click in the navigation bar on the top, the language is still displayed and after a while again in the languages tab in the settings. How can I permanently remove a language?


Same here


Same here

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Hi ttatoni. When you are trying to clear your statistics for some language, before doing so, are you closing all the tabs with learning language, which you are trying to delete, and before deletion do you switch to another learning language? Or do you continue staying on that learning language that you are trying to delete?

Yes, I close every tab and I also tried both, continue staying on the language I want to delete and switching to another language, but it still doesn’t work.