I can't change the status of new words

I’m not able to change the status of the words I’ve been learning for the past week. The white “Card Number” box is in the place where I was able to do this before. I’m supposing that, for some reason, the card number box is blocking out the word-status change box. Is that correct?

Hi Michal,

What browser are you using? Can you send a screen shot of your problem to LingQ Support?

Hi Mark,

I’m using Internet Explorer.
How do I send a screen shot? I tried to send the page as an email, but the configuration comes out differently.

There should be a key called “Prt Scr” och your keyboard; press that one and paste (CTRL+V) into your email message (you may have to paste it into a word document first, and then attach that to your email).

There is no LingQ(creating) on this page.
更新中 (updating) is not finished.
I sent lingQ support the e-mail about this problem.

Hi Gina,

I assume you are using IE6 (Internet Explorer). The site is currently not working in that browser. We are trying to get it working but for now I recommend you use IE7 or Firefox instead, if you can.