I can't bye the points

Hi… I had wanted to buy the points, then I updated the billing information (

29.01.2013 11:12:26 -1 USD for THE LINGUIST INSTITUTE>WEST VANCOUVE CA) and I couldn’t buy the points.
I I desided to update the billing information once more. (29.01.2013 11:22:53 -1 USD for THE LINGUIST INSTITUTE>WEST VANCOUVE CA), the result was the same - I couldn/t buy the points.

@Alenika - I checked into this but unfortunately the error code doesn’t tell us much about why it isn’t working. I might recommend either calling your bank to ask why it isn’t working or to try another card.

@Alenika - Just to be clear, our system is recording your transaction attempts properly but your card is being declined by our payment processor for some reason.

I used this card for paying my memberships without problem (last time - 17/01/13). Today I tried once more - without seccess. I have used and another card but without resalt too.

@Alenika - Yes, we can see that your card was previously charged successfully but for some reason it is now being declined. Sometimes banks will put a hold on a card if they suspect there are strange charges on it. I suggest you phone your bank and try to find out why this is happening when it was fine before.

Hi, Mark.I tried several times buy a point using unionpay (paypal),it did not succeed ,^ ^ . after spring festival(春节), I think about the method. thanks for the support of difficult problems.Have a good time!

Hi… my name is Santi. I just want to ask… How can I buy the points? I want my sentences being corrected by corrector
but when i press submit button, Lingq said that no point in my account, so i have to buy it. Can you help me please? Thanks in advance

@santinatalia - You can purchase points from the Points page (Login - LingQ). To access this page, hover over your username at the top right and click on “Points”.

@luijung- I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. PayPal seems to work differently in different markets so please try a variety of payment methods until you find one that works.

I see, I can use another method, thank you .

Hello! It is me again. I can/t buy the points. When I press “buy points now” nothing happens. But today I could pay for my membership. At least, it is very strange.I have been speaking with my tutor on credit, but this situation can/t continue timeless.

@Alenika - Would you be able to try another browser to see if this works? If not we may need to get some more information from you to figure this out.

The result is the same. I used not only different browsers but and other computers too. And I have another question-why do I need to update my billing information every month? And I want to add when I press ‘‘buy points now’’ I see ,processing, but without result…

@Alenika - Interesting. Please make sure that you have selected a payment method before clicking the “Buy Points Now” button. Would you be able to take a screenshot of the Points page when you’re trying to click the button?

Your billing information is stored securely with our payment provider so you will only have to update your card if the information changes, otherwise it will keep your current card on file.

It works now!!!