I can't access to my profile

A friend of mine at LingQ! notified me that she couldn’t access to my profile. When I tried, 500 server error was detected and I couldn’t access to my profile.

When I couldn’t log in to LingQ! a few months ago, my hyphened LingQ! name, Naomi-Beatriz, was the the cause of trouble.

Could you help me handle this trouble?

Hi Naomi-Beatriz - We’ll figure this out. Sorry about that.

@Naomi - Your profile should be working now.

Thank you for your help. I can access to my profile, now.
And I noticed that the letters on the badge is not the ones I know. I prefer the language I’m learning or my mother tongue.

Could you take care of that?

Strange! Thanks, we’ll look into that too.

Thank you for your support.
Now, the badge looks perfect.