I can't access newly imported lesson

After I imported new lesson I see the message “Inaccessible until shared”.
I can’t share this lesson because this is a copyrighted material. What can I do with this issue?

Hi Gintaras,

Free members are limited to a total of 5 privately imported lessons. After importing your 5th, you will only be able to import lessons to share them.

I fear the only solution is to upgrade your account to Basic.

EDIT: Alex answered at the same time and in a nicer way! :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it’s not the case. My account is Basic, however in the morning when I imported those lessons it was Free for awhile :slight_smile:
I wrote a post about some strange message noticing that Free members are allowed to have only 5 lessons and I thought it was a bug because of upgrade or something, however I could import the lesson but couldn’t open it so I didn’t publish it.

Then I’ve noticed that my membership expired and I renewed it. However I couldn’t open imported lessons nonetheless.

Maybe I should to import them once again?

Yep, just import them again and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Yeah, it works now. Thanks again. It was a bit shocking news to loose ability to learn from my own materials :slight_smile: