I cannot use the LingQ application for i Phone

Recently, I found the LingQ application for i Phone and downloaded on my i Phone, but cannot log in with my ID and password.
I saw the following message.

Failed To Longin

Is this application maybe under-construction or do I put wrong ID and wrong pass-word in the boxes?

I can’t enter the LingQ ap from my ipod touch, either.
The same failure message are shown.
My ID and password is the same as what in my computer.

Sorry about that. You must change your interface language to English on your device and then log in. After that you can switch back to Japanese and everything will work fine. This is a bug in this version. We are fixing it for our next version which will be out soon.

Thank you, Mark. I could successfully log in this time.

Sorry, I did not understand your explanation well, Mark, I completely forgot to change MY OWN I PHNE’S Interface. (I tried it many times but could not log in, so I gave up. But today, reading customer review (in Japanese), ”i Phne の設定言語いったん英語にする(=change your interface language to English on your device)” reminded me of how to manage to use my device. I realized that it sometimes happens, this kind of misunderstanding…

I sometimes misunderstand even Japanses explanations if something is complicated… New technology is, maybe, too difficult for me.

No problem, Shigeharu! :slight_smile: Actually, it shouldn’t matter anymore which language you have set on your device. We have fixed the login issue, I believe…

Thank you very much for the great improvements, Mark and staffs.

Hello everyone! Despite Mark has reported tt problem is solved, I can’t login via my iPad. The message “failed to log in” appears

I believe this is related to the auto-capitalization on the iPad when you type in an entry. Try going to Settings < General < Keyboard and turn off Auto-Capitalization and try again. Or, simply push the shift key until the auto-caps indicator goes away before typing your username and password.

Thanks for advice, but it doesn’t work. No autocapitalization is on, I’m sure as I can see what I’m typing…(

I can log in in both apps no matter what my device’s language setting. I can’t imagine what else could be causing this problem. If you change your device language to English, does it work? Are you sure your username and password are entered exactly?

This is strange. First I downloaded apps from apple store and then I made account on your site. After I tried to log in via apps using exact my username and pass I got on site. May be I did something wrong?

That sounds right. Just be aware the the username and password are case sensitive. For example, “angiekiera” will not work only “Angiekiera” will work. The only other thing would be if you have strange characters in your username or password. Also, which app are you using? The flashcard app or iLingQ? If iLingQ, you will not be able to log in if you are a Free member. You will see a popup asking you to upgrade your membership.

I had 2 apps. First LingQ which in enable to log in and second is iLingQ which is asking for upgrade. So no ways ))

The flashcard app had some login problems before but those problems should be fixed now. In any case, switching your device language to English should let you log in.

I am noticing that only about 50-60% of my yellow highlighted words from my lessons are showing up as yellow highlighted words on the iphone ap. I don’t see any blue highlighted words, though I believe this is by design. Is this a problem with using German language on the ap or a general ap problem? It makes using the ap very difficult since about 40-50% of the unknown words aren’t able to be referenced. If this would be fixed the ap would be a great advancement. Thanks in advance for your response.

mrbooe, I checked my German lessons and do not appear to have the problem you described. Does anyone else?

On the other hand, the underlined status 4 words from the LingQ site show up as yellow words in the iPhone app.

The blue words do not show up highlighted since there is no way to LingQ them in the app right now.

OK. Don’t know what happened but some words that weren’t yellow before now are. Not complaining though. Looks like all is good now after checking again.

Just to be clear, I was jumping up and down when I found out lingq had an ap. I am on the road 8-10 hours a day and I was having to download everything and put it on my iPod and turn the text into PDF and put it on my iPhone… It was becoming a pain. Now that I know the yellow highlighted words are all there, I just have to read through the lesson once and it is already on my I pod ready for review the next day.

I am getting into lingq like an emersion course but without the frustration of not knowing what’s going on.

Love the ap. Keep up the good work.

@mrbooe - Glad you are enjoying the app. There may be the odd inconsistency in the app but re-opening it may help sometimes.