I cannot specify the tutor

On the “Choose Correction Option” page, I cannot specify the tutor by using the small search box. The box does not accept the return key and my favorite tutor’s profile does not appear. I feel desperate because freedom of choice was lost.

Incidentally, under the search box there are three sections, namely, “Recent”, “Most Active”, “Highest Rated”. What does the word “Recent” mean? The list of three tutors has been there for a long time, unchanged. And who are the “highest rated” tutors? The tutor who is on the top of the list has “completed” only 4 requests. Who can rely on these meaningless data?

Hi Yutaka. I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with this. Can you please provide us screenshot? I am not quite sure where you encountered this issue.

Into the search box, I put the letters with which the username of my favorite tutor begins, and I was able to see in the small pop-up window the list of tutors that includes the tutor whom I wanted to select from the list. I think the system is working properly now. The earth began moving again around the sun.

Great, I am happy to hear that everything works fine now! Be sure to let us know if you notice this issue again.

I am still unaware of the exact meanings of these three categories, namely, “Recent”, “Most Active”, and “Highest Rated”.
Given that we are supposed to choose a tutor from the list of “active” or “highly rated” members, what exactly do these words mean? In what way does the list help us with choosing a really “competent” tutor?