I cannot "Specify Member"

I cannot “Specify Member” when I want to choose the corrector who are to receive my writing as a private request. The search box, which is used to choose a tutor, does not work when I want to use the “Submit for Correction”.

On the wall of the member, you can put in you request.

Hi Yutaka,
Sorry about that. We are already familiar with this issue and we’ll do our best to have it fixed asap.
Thanks for your patience!

This should work properly now. Thanks for letting us know!

The username of my favorite “corrector” does not appear on the list, if I use the search box.

Under the search box you can see the three groups of tutors. Strangely, in every tutor, you can find the following description:
“Average Turnaround: a few seconds”

Thanks, Yutaka. We’ll try and figure out what’s going on there?