I cannot select a tutor

I cannot “Specify Member” because the search box doesn’t work.
The box doesn’t accept the return key.

"Incidentally, under the search box there are three sections, namely, ‘Recent’, ‘Most Active’, ‘Highest Rated’. What does the word “Recent” mean? The list of three tutors has been there for a long time, unchanged. "

iOS and Safari.
Mac OS X and Safari.
iOS and Chrome.

Heck, tutors can’t post schedules at the moment.

The problem was reported 13 hours ago.

How could this happen?
I cannot spend my points.

Sorry about those issues. We are looking into them.

Besides English, all other languages on the page Join Conversation have today the same warning “Sorry, there are no conversations available for this time” - and some of my students ask me how they can sign up for my conversations in Russian or German.

I’m very sorry to say that all of those conversation times have been lost in a database update. I apologize but tutors will have to re-input their conversation times. It shouldn’t take too long. We will try to figure out who we can notify but if you are looking for a tutor who isn’t showing, please post on their wall and alert them to the issue. Please direct them to this thread. The calendar function should be working properly again now. We are very sorry to those looking for conversations and the tutors who need to input their times.

Your “Average Turnaround” is FOURTEEN DAYS according to the list of the “Recent” tutors. Don’t you think this is a little strange? Actually, the three tutors on the list have remained there for a long while, if my memory serves me correctly, for several months, unchanged. I wonder what the word “Recent” means in this context. Did you really correct writings “recently”?

I tried posting Chinese conversation times but they don’t seem to show.

How can I re-input? I have my conversation time in my calender, but they don’t be shown in the general calender by opening ‘Join conversation’. I try to update the times for every day of the next week- the same result! They don’t seem to show.

@evgueny Do you also have English selected as a tutoring language? We are trying to figure out how this is happening. Can you tell me which languages you are currently set to tutor?

@trois royaumes please also tell me your settings

Russian, German and English

I tutor Chinese. I was able to sign up French conversation from the tutor’s wall. Can you see Chinese hours on my wall?

I do see conversation times on your wall. But, not on the Speak page. We are still trying to figure out what is going on there.

Evgueny, we are still trying to figure this out but in the meantime, you can ask your students to sign up on your profile page in the sidebar.

The system does not accept Private Requests on the “Submit for Correction” page. However, I have not yet checked the availability of those three “Recent” tutors.

I do not know whether tutors can respond to my “Open” request.

I still cannot choose my favorite “corrector”. When I try to open the database of available tutors, the search box doesn’t work . Four days have already passed since I noticed this issue. I feel desperate. The LingQ points I bought are almost useless.

@Yutaka, sorry for the delay. This is a priority we’re working on fixing.

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Thank you for your quick reply, KiranLingQ.

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We have now fixed the display issue on the Speak page. All events should be showing properly again. Sorry about that everyone.

We are still working on the Exchange Search function. We are hoping to fix it soon but it is proving a tricky one to track down.