I Cannot See my Wall on LingQ

Hello LingQ Suport,

I cannot see my wall. There are no posts visible. In fact as soon as I post something there, it disappears. I cannot see it.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

I have the same problem.

What filters do you have selected in the left sidebar on the profile page? Do you see the loading indicator but then no posts appear or do you simply see nothing at all? I assume you have tried refreshing the page a few times?

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your response. I have refreshed. I have dragged the scroll bar to the bottom. I have unplugged and re-booted my computer. (I have not yet tried a different browser. I have been using Firefox.)

All filters in the left-hand side bar are checked.

I will try clearing them all. Then selecting them all again.

Alena tells me that this --disappearance or hiding of wall content on one’s wall or profile page happens from time to time. So, I guess it will all re-appear for me sooner or later. Thank you for trying to help me.


P.S. No change. When all filters were unchecked, no change. When all filters were re-checked, no change. Now I will try another browser: Chrome.
P.P.S. It is not visible with the Google Chrome browser, either. (To clarify, the side bar is visible and the profile is visible and the empty text box to add content to the wall is visible, but everything below the text box is blank. All previous content is invisible. And if I post something using the text box, once posted, it too, becomes invisible.

I, the user, can see the content of other people’s walls, but I cannot see my own wall. I understand from another LingQer, via email, that she can see my wall but she, like me, cannot see her own wall.

@itesonia - That is very strange. We are looking into this. It works fine for us which is the strange part but we are getting others complaining of this as well. The trick is to figure out what is causing it. Has this been happening for a while or is it a recent occurrence?

Mark,hi! Now it works for me, but the speed is very slow…today.

What do you mean that it works for you? Do you mean when you view my wall, as me, you can see it? I do not know if this has happened to me on LingQ before. Maybe yesterday as well. It is hard to say because my days are often independent of clocks and calendars and because I do not bring up every little glitch all the time. Afterall, you guys are busy and everyone is doing the best that they can. Thank you to you and your team for all of your (plural) efforts.

I can see my wall,itesonia. I have seen your page, but can’t see any messages on your wall.

@itesonia - ahh…I meant I could see my wall but now that I look at your wall I see that I can’t see your posts. You have a very long bio which could be causing the problem. Although, I see Alenika does too as do others on the site. Let us look into this now that we can reproduce it and I will get back to you.

Thank you, Mark. It is not only messages that I have written on my wall (wall = profile page = page = my page) but everything included in this list:
Forum Posts,
Rose Notifications,
All Requests

is invisible.

I have the same problem.
I could see my wall page before, but since two days ago it went blank.
My bio has not changed in the last days, could it be something else? I’m using Chrome but appears that i have the same problem even with other browsers (i tried Safari and Firefox) and on my smartphone.
Let me know if there’s anything i can do to help you sort this out.
Thank you for your time :D.


Hi, Gian. Thank you for sharing and for offering to help me and/or Mark (LingQ Administrator).

@Gian2138 - Thanks, we are looking into this and hope to have things fixed soon. If we do need any additional information we will be sure to let you know!

I seem to have the same problem in that the little circle is going round and round and round and round … and not bringing up any messages, lessons etc.

I have pressed Ctrl F5 lots of times, am on FF, always the latest version (I think).

I have found out that I can see the wall partially, as it were. If all the boxes are ticked, nothing at all will show up.

Forum Posts and Lessons, for example, I can see either individually or with both of them ticked.
Three boxes ticked won’t work.
Rose Notifications can only be seen individually and show that the last time I was given a rose was 18 April - not true. (The lovely blossoms trickle in or come in bunches quite regularly).
Messages doesn’t show me anything - perhaps I have no messages to display??
Milestones I can only see individually, etc, etc.

Thanks, SanneT. We are working on this and think we have fixed it. We hope to push the fix shortly.

Ok, this seems to be the problem I wrote about in a new thread. I wasn’t concerned about my wall at first because I noticed a problem on the Exchange page. This seems to be related. Hope you can fix that soon. Thank you!

Yes, it’s a strange one. We still haven’t found a fix. We are working on this. Thanks for letting us know.

We have got the issues with the profile and exchange figured out and fixed now. Sorry for the trouble. All posts should be appearing properly now.